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On-boarding Agents Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions.

What is Included in the Agent Support and Technology Services Package?

Lang Realty provides numerous technology solutions and software programs designed to enhance your business along with superior agent websites. Lang subsidizes these incredible programs and we all benefit by coming together to share the cost. The Agent Support and Technology Services Fee covers these components, which are branded and available to our agents via the intranet for access anywhere, at any time:


● website – Offers an MLS search for your customers which allows them to view all listed properties in the area, providing only your contact information with registration. It also has a URL-based lead generation system which can be accessed through the “back-end” of the website. Here you can track your leads and access your customer base. Your personal website benefits from’s amazing SEO and you aggregate your own leads!


● Websites – Lang Realty has invested millions in website development. Agents are offered an individual State-of-the-art website with full IDX and personal CRM tools. Various styles and colors are available as well as a premium site with video landing pages, city specific specialties and information. In addition, more agent resource options are available.


● Branded App – Lang Realty offers an agent branded phone app for you to send to your sphere of influence, potential customers and clients with your name and contact information. Your clients can search the MLS from their phones and you will be their real estate specialist point of contact, always in plain sight. Every property is branded to you and works on location settings for optimal customer engagement.


● Engage 121 – A leading digital marketing company in the real estate industry. They provide you a better way to manage social media with HOT! Content. This is a program that provides you:


     ● Ready-to-post articles sent to you to post to Facebook and other social media


     ● Relevant content perfect for your audience


● CRM – IXACT – This CRM allows you to send monthly e-Newsletters and drip email campaigns that are professionally written and ready-to-go. They’re automated so besides a few clicks to set up, you don’t have to lift a finger to get powerful email marketing working for you. E-mail drip campaigns are also available on our website with letter templates that can be programmed to reach your customers at predetermined intervals.


● TrendGraphix – The easiest source for top-notch graphed market data. Want to know how you stack up against all your competitors in a particular area? This program offers timely statistics that will give you the information you need. The visual imagery is perfect for social media, listing presentations and buyer packages.


● Training – We offer several unique training classes taught by Danny Katz who is exclusive to Lang and was one of South Florida’s RPR contract trainers with NAR and was a Florida Realtors Education Faculty member. There are also multiple technology classes held each month so that you can best utilize all that Lang Realty has to offer its agents.


● Coaching and Business Planning – Various classes every month with an emphasis on building your base of business is offered. Office meetings are held on a regular basis and speakers from various real estate related fields share valuable information on trends in the marketplace.


● City Market Reports – Third party resourced, these statistics show market trends in a particular area and are updated daily. Able to be e-mailed to your client at pre-selected times to always keep them in the know and engaged with you.


● Toolkit CMA – This software gives agents the ability to produce high-quality flyers and brochures as well as an outstanding CMA program to wow your clients. All documents are branded to Lang and ready for you to insert your photo and contact information. The CMA can be edited to include area statistics, charts and graphs as well as the pertinent pricing information necessary to correctly price the property and sell the listing quickly.


● AppFiles – Our online program for creating listings, contracts and all paperwork needed in a real estate transaction. The interface is very user friendly and training is provided. The program has an integrated electronic signature feature which is usually a fee-based utility but is offered as part of our system. All your forms and executed documents are stored online and accessible from anywhere, any time. It is compatible with any smart phone mobile device, pad or tablet as well as your PC and laptop.


● Electronic Listing Presentation – This PowerPoint presentation is already prepared with current charts and graphs which show the power and scope of you and Lang Realty as the listing leader and top company in the area. Just add your photo and contact information to complete the presentation and it’s done!


● Photo & Video Database Library – Hundreds of city photos and videos all owned by Lang Realty and free to you to add to your website or presentations, our content is built to help you grow.


● Collateral Marketing Materials – High quality prints of graphs, charts and presentation materials are all available in offices for our agents to build polished presentations for their clients.


● Express Docs – Create your own mailing pieces from over 200 different templates. Easy to use and economical to send to your sphere and/or farm area on a consistent basis.

Am I protected with Quality E & O Insurance?

Lang Realty carries Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) to safeguard our agents and the Company from lawsuits brought by clients in connection with real estate transactions where we represent the seller and/or the buyer. This policy provides protection up to $2 million per incident. Lang pays the deductible for this protection $10,000 (as long as the agent has conducted business in a legal and ethical manner).

What does the Advertising Fee Cover?

Lang Realty believes in a cooperative, multi-faceted approach to advertising and marketing. While we understand and appreciate that most clients search online for their next property, we also understand that many clients still want to see their property in print. Lang Realty advertises in many different mediums, but the ad fee directly relates to the newspaper; The Sun Sentinel, The Palm Beach Post and the Port St. Lucie News. The “ad fee” was designed to supplement our agents reach and advertising.

As the Company grew, we were able to command more attention by adding more pages to the local newspaper advertising weekly. The “ad fee” of $125 is deducted directly from your commission per transaction side. In return, the Company guarantees every agent that they will receive 3 months of weekly advertising on the Lang pages of the local paper for every listing over a certain threshold* (see advertising manager for your office regarding threshold requirements).


This ad has your name and contact information so that the lead comes directly to you. In addition, we have subsidized ad space available for our agents so that they can economically advertise their lower end properties as well as their rentals and showcase recent sales or mirror marketing efforts. You are always in print.

Does Lang Realty charge for copies, phone calls, supplies?

Lang Realty does not charge for black and white copies unless they are in excess of 500 pieces per month. The Company allows 50 free color copies, anything after that will be charged at $.15 cents per color copy.


There are no charges for long distance calls, including international, as long as they are business related. Lang Realty provides stationery, envelopes, notecards, presentation folders and marketing materials for their agents.


All offices are equipped with computers and wireless access for your laptops. The copy machines are all capable of scanning and e-mailing and make banners. Most have the ability to collate and staple packages automatically and some are able to tri-fold and produce booklets.


Please inquire with your administrator if you have the need for this service, they are great resources!

Does Lang Realty charge a compliance fee?

Lang Realty, like all other real estate companies in our area, does charge a compliance fee to the Seller and/or Buyer of $350. We also charge a $99 fee to the Landlord and/or Tenant on all rental transactions. There are disclosures on AppFiles and in our packages which are to be signed by the client indicating that they will be paying this fee at closing or lease inception.


If your client refuses to sign and pay this compliance fee, it will be your responsibility. The compliance fee is charged to facilitate the processing of the transaction through closing and storing the file for a period of 5 years in accordance with the rules of the Florida Real Estate Commission. The file is accessible to any of the parties for review at any time within those 5 years.

What else does Lang Realty do for their agents?

Lang Realty provides staffing 7 days a week


Agents are encouraged to take floor time, however are not required to answer phones or give showing instructions. Staff are here to help assist our customers and agents.


State-of-the-art offices


Lang provides its agents with top of the line equipment and software programs designed to make their jobs easier and provide the best for their clients.


A proven track record and history of results


Lang’s dominance in our market is undeniable. Our agents have an advantage over the competition due to our stellar reputation. We provide the tools you need to secure listings and ensure a safe company to hold your Buyer’s escrow funds. Lang Realty is a trusted brand – a Company that you can be proud to be associated with, and one that will make you stand out!


Not all companies are the same


At Lang Realty all our agents are valued business partners. We have a non-competing Broker, General Manager and staff that are experienced and dedicated. Lang Realty prides itself on creating an exceptional working environment for their business partners – YOU! We are here to help your business grow and flourish for years to come!


North Palm Beach & Martin

Doreen Nystrom, VP of Sales & Operations

Direct #: (561) 827-6881

Port St. Lucie

John Falkenhagen, Sales Manager

Direct #: (772) 766-4877

South Palm Beach & Broward

Scott Agran, Broker/Owner

Direct #: (561) 998-0100